Sun Lawyers LLP is a Hong Kong-based medium-sized law firm that was converted to a limited liability partnership (“LLP”) in 2017. Established since 2003, we aim to provide an integrated and comprehensive range of legal services to our international and local clientele.

Our philosophy is to provide a down-to-earth approach in delivering quality services and developing long-term client relationship. Our members strive to listen to our clients and understand their needs, thereby offering bespoke and cost-effective services to meet them.

Whilst we provide a wide range of services covering corporate and family matters, civil and criminal litigations as well as commercial and property transactions, wills and probate, notarization (notary public and China-Appointed attestation), our expanding practice will aim to broaden our scope to include IPO, corporate finance, trust, asset management and cross-border matters, as we see a rising demand in these areas. We are also committed to providing our clients with alternative dispute resolution services, such as in arbitration and mediation, so as to assist them to resolve disputes more cost-effectively and amicably.

We have a diversified local and international clientele, ranging from middle-class and high net worth individuals to SMEs and multi-national corporations. A key strength of our firm is our ambition to broaden our client base to other geographical areas so as to provide our international, mainland and local clients with comprehensive cross-border legal services. The diverse cultural and professional backgrounds of our members assure our clients of tailor-made services on all key practice areas.

No effort has been spared to lay a solid foundation for cross-border legal services.

In January 2020, we established a joint venture law firm in Nansha, Guangzhou alongside our partners, Guangdong Kingbridge Law Firm and Kuong Iok Kao Advogados of Macau. The new firm is one of its kind as the first Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau joint venture law firms in Guangzhou.

We are also working on developing cooperation and rapport with law firms in the region, from the PRC and across South East Asia. Back in 2016, we had become strategic partners with Hui Ye Law Firm already; and fast forward, in December 2020, we came into strategic alliance with TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law, Taiwan.

In May 2013, we became the first and then only Asian member of Eurolegal, a professional alliance comprising independent small and medium-sized law firms in European countries.

We will continue to expand our network, in particular in the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative areas, with a view to providing first class legal service to our clients.

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Unit 02, 21st Floor,
Tower II, Admiralty Centre,
No.18 Harcourt Road,
Hong Kong,

Tel: (852) 2521 6333
Fax: (852) 2524 2724

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