On 30th August 2019, our associate Ms. Rufina Ng and trainee solicitor Ms. Ava Zhu attended the Rule of Law Forum of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in Shanghai, China. With the theme of ‘Co-constructing the Rule of Law for the Future, Sharing the AI Benefits’, the Forum aims at building a global academic exchange platform for AI rule of law, focusing on new applications of AI in industries, promoting an AI rule of law system and creating AI rule of law ecology.




A total number of 12 distinguished guest speakers delivered their speeches around the topic of  Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law at the forum: Mr. Cui Yadong, President of Shanghai Law Society, former President and Grand Justice of the Second Rank of Shanghai High People’s court; Mr. Robert Maurice Brutinel, President and Chief Justice of Arizona Supreme Court; Mr. Shen Weixing, Dean of School of Law, Tsinghua University and Mr. Klaus Heine, the Dean of the Graduate School and the Jean Monet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law at Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam, Netherlands.




On the same day, Ms. Ng and Ms. Zhu also attended the Youth Forum of Rule of Law of the World Artificial Intelligence Congress, held at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. In the forum, student representatives delivered speeches on various topics, such as artificial intelligence and law, social responsibility and geopolitics.

We care about the integration of technology advancement and the rule of law, and recognize the concept of their mutual promotion and development.  Meanwhile, we hope and encourage more attention to this emerging field to enhance quality of legal services.